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Undergraduate Recruiting Committee Guidelines


  1. Recruit the best possible undergraduate students.

Duties of Committee:

  1. Represent the Department at events for prospective students such as Discover Day and Accepted Students Day.
  2. Meet with visiting prospective students. Enlist faculty not on the committee when the meeting load is unmanageable.
  3. Contact specific groups of prospective students such as Medalists and accepted students.
  4. Create and update printed and web publications.
  5. Develop, implement, and assess outreach strategies.
  6. Conduct yearly review of the Guidelines for the Undergraduate Recruiting Committee (this document), and if necessary, propose changes.

Committee Membership:

  1. The URC is composed of the Department's Executive Officer, two undergraduate student representatives, and staff and faculty members as appropriate.
  2. The student representatives are selected by the chair of the URC from a pool of volunteers obtained by the Department's Manager of Student Affairs.
  3. The staff and faculty members are chosen by the Department Chair.

Committee Procedures:

  1. All faculty on the committee take turns representing the Department at Admissions open houses and prospective student visits. At least one faculty member must be present for each of these events. Staff and student members may participate in conjunction with faculty. For this purpose, the Executive Officer will be counted as a faculty member.
  2. The URC meets as frequently as necessary to do its work in a timely fashion.

Specific Charges:

  1. Learn what could be done to raise the quality of students entering CS. Perhaps, survey recent graduates, current students, and students who were accepted by RPI, but did not choose to attend.
  2. Participate in recruiting and orientation events:
    1. Medalist Open House
    2. Discover Day(s)
    3. Accepted Students Day
    4. Undergraduate orientations - 4 times in July, 1 in August, 1 in January
  3. Complete development of undergraduate research lab.

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