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Graduate Admissions Committee Guidelines


  1. Establish and maintain standards for graduate admission and financial aid awards.

Duties of Committee:

  1. Determine TA nomination procedure.
  2. Review faculty nominations for TA awards and decide which nominations to accept.
  3. Set requirements for admissions and aid.
  4. Conduct yearly review of the Guidelines for the GAC (this document), and if necessary, propose changes.

Duties of Committee Chair:

  1. Make final decisions on applications to the graduate program in the following cases:
    1. Applicants to distance program.
    2. Applicants too weak to be circulated to research group.
    3. Research group members have reviewed the application and none are willing to supervise the applicant, but the group has been unable to make a final decision on behalf of the Department to reject the applicant.
  2. Select candidates to be nominated for Rensselaer Graduate Fellowship.
  3. Respond to requests from applicants for waivers of application requirements.
  4. In cases of last minute TA openings, choose candidates from the waiting list in conjunction with Executive Officer and Manager of Student Affairs.
  5. Decide how to proceed with enrolled students who have failed to meet conditions specified at the time of admission.

Committee Membership:

  1. The GAC is composed of the Executive Officer, the Manager of Student Affairs, and faculty members appointed by the Department Chair.

Committee Procedures:

  1. The GAC meets at least once per semester to review TA nominations.
  2. Additional meetings are called as necessary to review admissions requirements or additional TA nominations.

Specific Charges:

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