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Colloquium Committee Guidelines


  1. Run the CS Department's various lecture series.

Duties of Committee:

  1. Obtain nominations and invite speakers for the Departmental Colloquium, CS Day, and Schoffstall Lecture Series.
  2. Coordinate with other colloquia on campus as necessary.
  3. Organize snacks for the Colloquium.
  4. Make sure proper equipment is available for speakers.
  5. Conduct yearly review of the Guidelines for the Colloquium Committee (this document), and if necessary, propose changes.

Committee Membership:

  1. The Colloquium Committee is composed of one or more faculty members chosen by the Chair of the Department and one or more students selected by the committee chair from a pool of volunteers obtained by the Department's Manager of Student Affairs.

Committee Procedures:

  1. The Colloquium Committee seeks speaker nominations from faculty and students.
  2. Invitation decisions are made with the benefit of input from both faculty  and students.
  3. Colloquium announcements are posted at least one week in advance on the Departmental web pages and in hard-copy form around the Department.
  4. The Colloquium Committee meets as frequently as necessary to do its work in a timely fashion.

Specific Charges:

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