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Graduate Admissions

What's Where?

The Computer Science Department offices are located primarily in the Lally Building and on the first and second floors of the Amos Eaton building. The third floor of the the Materials Research Center (MRC) is home to the Social and Cognitive Networks Center and to the vision, graphics, and robotics groups. The Tetherless World group is located in the Winslow Building. For the details of what's where within each of these buildings, check out our floor plans. In particular, some things you should know about are:

  • The department's administrative offices are on the second floor of Lally. The department "main office" is in Lally 207.
  • Faculty and staff mailboxes are located in Lally 207.
  • Grad student mailboxes are located in the student lounge (Amos Eaton 119). The larger mailboxes in the top section are allotted to teaching assistants. If you are not a teaching assistant but would prefer a larger mailbox, you can request one from Terry Hayden. Conversely, if you are a teaching assistant but don't need a large mailbox, let Terry know and get a smaller one. Please check your mailboxes regularly.
  • There are conference rooms in Amos Eaton 127, Lally 207A, and MRC 334. To reserve one of these rooms for a meeting, contact Chris Coonrad or Shannon Carrothers.
  • There are books which may be borrowed by department members in Lally 207. Use the clipboard to sign out books.
  • Graduate students are assigned to office space by research group. You will share your office with others who have the same faculty advisor. Talk with the others assigned to your office about how to share the space. If there are any maintenance problems with your office, you can send mail to fixx@rpi.edu or submit a report on the fixx web site. For other issues related to your office, contact Chris Coonrad, Shannon Carrothers, or Terry Hayden.
  • Previous office occupants may have left behind belongings they no longer wanted. Check with your officemates to determine which items in the office belong to the current occupants, and discard any junk left behind. If you think unwanted items in the office may be useful to others in the department, give the items to department staff. When the time comes for you to move out of your office, please be considerate of future occupants and remove all your belongings, even those you no longer want.
  • Amos Eaton 217 (known as the Sun Lab or Sparc Lab) can be used by graduate students. In particular, it is the designated location for TA office hours. TA's should not hold office hours in their research offices because it will disrupt the research of other students. If Amos Eaton 217 does not meet your needs, you may use another room. If you need help finding a suitable room, contact department staff.
  • All graduate students receive a key which provides access to rooms in Amos Eaton and Lally such as the labs, lounge, kitchenettes, and copy rooms.

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