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Graduate Admissions

Food on Campus

At some point after you arrive in the department, you may find yourself getting hungry. Here are some tips on how to refuel yourself:

Food and drink may be purchased in the Folsom Library, Darrin Communications Center, Sage Lab, Russell Sage Dining Hall, and the Union. If you just want a snack or a soda, you can use the vending machines located in most buildings (In the JEC building, there's a vending machine which offers ice cream).

If you bring your own food, you can use the kitchenettes in Amos Eaton 131-A, Lally 318, and MRC 334A but please clean up after yourself! Each of these rooms contains a microwave, sink, refrigerator, and coffeemaker. The rooms are open during business hours. You will have a key which will allow you to access them after hours. If you use the rooms after hours, make sure you turn out the light and lock the door when you are done.

If you wish to drink the coffee available in these rooms, you should make a financial contribution to cover the cost of the coffee and other supplies. To find out more about what and how to contribute please contact the person in your building who buys the coffee.

You are permitted to use small appliances in your office.

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