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Undergraduate Program

Credit for Co-op

Under some circumstances, undergraduate Computer Science majors may receive academic credit for their computer science co-op or work assignment experience. Graduate students are not eligible for credit for co-op. In order to receive credit, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. As soon as the student has determined to seek credit for the experience, s/he must notify the CS Department through either her/his academic advisor or the Undergraduate Curriculum Chair (Professor Stewart). In no case can this be later than two months after the co-op experience has started. An advisor for the co-op credits will be assigned by the department.
  2. Shortly after starting the co-op experience and in any case no later than three months into the co-op, the student must submit a written report to the advisor outlining the activity for which academic credit will be requested.
  3. After completing the co-op, the student must submit a detailed written report to the advisor describing the activities, and including sample code and other documents as required by the Computer Science faculty advisor.
  4. The student must provide written verification from the co-op supervisor.

Academic credit will only be awarded to activities that have some academic content. Activities such as routine code development, maintaining databases, etc cannot receive academic credit. At most 4 credits will be awarded to co-op or work assignments. Consistent with the department policy on independent study courses, this credit may not be counted as a Computer Science Option.

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